Longing for an unforgettable peaceful holiday in an authentic fisherman’s village?

Welcome to stay at the Preilos Krantas Villa!

We are located at the very heart of Preila, right on the coast of the Curonian Lagoon.

Relax at the view of the carefree waves splashing around within a hand’s reach and the pine forest humming just a step away, and maybe take a ride on the Neringa bike trail that passes nearby.

We do our best to ensure comfortable stay for both families and single travelers looking for romantic adventures.

Fishing nets laid out for drying, the scent of seaweed, tar-coated boats and the local fishermen’s dialect reminding of salty wind – the authentic experiences nowadays rarely encountered at modern resorts.

The history of Preila also has a romantic tinge, albeit slightly forbidding. The town was founded by the residents of Nagliai, the village buried underneath the dunes. Having abandoned their homes entombed in the sand, the village dwellers built a new town in a safer place, near the lagoon.

Preilos Krantas stands where a vacation home used to be. People have been coming here for several decades to look for a respite, to admire the beauty and the serenity of nature, and the softly rippling waters.

Preilos Krantas renovated the old resort and adapted it to the contemporary traveler’s needs.

The Villa offers 31 apartments equipped with kitchenettes and all necessary kitchen appliances. Everything from the cozy, bright and elegantly moderate interior, SPA treatments and marine decorations to amiable and always ready to help staff, is done with the goal to ensure a gratifying a vacation for your body and soul.

Preilos Krantas welcomes you all year long!